Online banking is convenient and is very popular especially with military personnel. I've noticed recently that a high percentage of computers coming across my workbench have been infected with multiple incidences of malware, trojans or viruses and 90% of them were being used for online banking. Even with an up to date anti-virus program one must use caution, when downloading from the internet. A lot of the free programs such as music converters, codec's, and toolbars contain malware, adware, viruses or trojans. Below I have provided a link to a free book in PDF format from called "Own Your Space". It was written for the younger generation, but it has a lot of good information that can benefit anyone of any age, especially parents. I urge everyone that does online banking or anyone that has children accessing their computer to read the book. Children having access to any computer should be required to read and learn from it.
If you don't have a PDF Reader you can use the link to the right to download one from Adobe. Make sure you remove the checkmark for Google Chrome or some tool bar before you click on the Download button.
Due to the Viruses, Trojans, Adware, Scamware, Identity Thieves and other threats that exist on the internet today, no computer should be connected to the internet unless it has an up-to-date Anti-Virus program and Firewall. If you use online banking then these aren't an option, they are a requirement. If you can't afford to purchase these programs there are free versions available just for the download. For information on free anti-virus programs go to our Free Anti-Virus Information page. Below I have provided links to a free firewall and two identity theft web sites. If you’re not sure your anti-virus programs is up to date or need additional free information, then please give CLM Computer Repair a call.
OnLine Armor Firewall
ID Theft Center
Federal Trade Commission ID Theft Site
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